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We're Rare Americans, not just a band, but animated storytellers of the real and raw. Our music, Crooked & Catchy, serves as an anthem for those wrestling with life's toughest corners. Labels? Not our scene. We're fiercely independent. Four albums and an EP since 2018 and we’re just hitting our stride. From playing to empty rooms to selling out in 13 countries, a Juno nom, and half a billion streams later - our journey is just as unconventional as our music. We sing for the underdogs, the voiceless, and the kids holding on for hope. Welcome to our mad universe, the Screw Loose Zoo. Our latest drop, Searching For Strawberries: The Story of Jongo Bongo, is a 33-minute animated musical-film, the first of its kind in music history. It’s the story of RA’s bassist, Jongo, and his journey from corporate pawn to international rock star.

“We think this is the future of storytelling in music” - proclaims frontman James Priestner from RA’s HQ in Vancouver, BC.

“Its so powerful for the viewer to be able to see the story unfolding visually while synched perfectly with the music. It’s pretty fucking cool, cool to be doing something that hasn’t been done before in this way or at this scale.”

It’s a mad world, where streets are becoming too dangerous to walk your dog, where buying a house is a pipe dream for ordinary people, and where computers are trying to take over our jobs. It’s our mission to understand and echo these stories through our music and videos.

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